A couple more changes to the site.

I made a few more changes that may seem pretty minor but it's just a heads up. First of all, you'll notice the navigation bar is now fixed and is always available at the top of the page. This is so you have quick access to the main parts of this website and my content. Another thing you'll notice is the category section of this site on the right side has now been condensed into a drop down menu. While I think the category list is good to have by differentiating between the different projects I have, depending on what you're looking for, it wasn't really a pivotal part of this website to have all that space taken up. This also allows my Twitter feed to be displayed fully when pages load. The final change is the contact page, which now has 3 methods of contact for now; Twitter, Facebook, and Xbox Live. Eventually I may add an email address to contact me or other options, but for now those are the methods to do so. In case you missed it, keep reading below for an important announcement on my next release and for two new demos!