Alive at Dawn Release Date + New Demos!

First of all, thank you to those who have been patient and waiting for me to release new stuff. Because this is more of a hobby for me, music isn't my primary focus. Not to mention I don't have the ideal setup and atmosphere to get things done the way I want and in the time frame I'd like. With that in mind, I decided to make "Alive at Dawn", a collection of some of my songs that you've heard on Wicked Pickles but done either on an acoustic guitar or with clean guitar and effects. This time around, rather than attempt a frustrating process of finding time for the other members of Dead Night Sky to help me out with vocals, I decided to make this entire release my own and provided my own voice to all the music. I don't really consider myself much of a singer so this was a difficult decision for me. This was a relatively quick and easy process for me since I didn't have to worry about other instruments like drums or bass guitar and was able to record most of it in a close time frame. So now that I have it all done, it's time to announce plans for it's release!

Alive at Dawn Cover

Alive at Dawn will be available for FREE on my own personal Bandcamp account (now linked at the top of this page). It will be online Monday, August 13th. There are no plans at this time to make a physical CD available but that may change by the time I release "Foundations: Vol. 1". 

Also as a thank you to those who have been waiting patiently, the other day I rediscovered some multitracks of guitar I recorded when I was working on "Time" for Dead Night Sky. I also had the original backing tracks I had made to listen to when recording the guitar so I put those together for two songs and put them online as unreleased demos. The songs are "White [Carousel, Unreleased Demo]" and "Storms [Revised Unreleased Demo]". You may recognize Storms from Wicked Pickles and it's very similar, but the guitar track was to be the new version for when I finished the song for Time. The backing track was the same from Wicked Pickles that I used for listening when I was recording. "White" was the old working title for a song that's now called "Carousel". The drum track is also a temporary one used just for timing. I lost the original multitrack of that since it was made with Magix Music Maker and I removed everything I had from that, so I couldn't remove the piano track that was on it. In either case, I hope you enjoy the demos and hopefully it holds you for a few weeks until Alive at Dawn is released.

White [Carousel, Unreleased Instrumental Demo]White [Carousel, Unreleased Instrumental Demo] White [Carousel, Unreleased Instrumental Demo]

Storms [Unreleased Revised Instrumental Demo]Storms [Unreleased Revised Instrumental Demo]