Dead Night Sky website issues

You may notice the new slider I have at the top of this website isn't loading images. That's because the images are hosted on Dead Night Sky's website which I'm currently having issues with right now. Sorry for any inconvenience. I should have made alternate text available in case something like this happens (in fact, I'll probably do that now) because the links should still work, but I'm going to try and fix the issue now. Sorry for any inconvenience!


The issue is actually because of network problems from where the website is hosted. I host the website on, I do not host it myself since I do not have a dedicated server and did not wish to host a simple landing page myself. Maybe one day if I choose to expand the website and Dead Night Sky becomes bigger but for now 000WebHost is looking into the issue and should have it resolved soon. By that time, the address "" (without the "www.") should be working finally as I have tested it this morning and it was working fine, though I can't say for sure since it has worked when I first created it and added the page to my domain and stopped working suddenly. I'll keep you updated on any changes.