EP release date TBA soon.

I feel that the EP is almost finished and the big thing holding me back right now is coming up with an album cover, which I decided long ago that every single one of my releases should have one so as soon as I figure out what I'm doing for that, I'll announce the release date for "Alive at Dawn", which you can expect will be soon after that announcement. There's 4 songs planned as 3 tracks. The two songs that are combined, "Storms / Green", I'll be trying to do a second attempt at recording vocals for the pre-chorus tomorrow and then it should be done. The other two songs I completed almost immediately when I made those videos for my YouTube channel and they didn't need as much work as the others because the backing track for one was already complete from another thing I did for the song and the other was just acoustic guitar. The EP will be downloadable here. Actually, it will be available on BandCamp but the link will stay here until my next release. Hopefully this is a good filler for "Foundations: Vol. 1" and "Time".

Have a suggestion for an album cover? Leave a comment below or send it on Twitter. I'm taking all the suggestions I can get because I have absolutely no idea what to do!