Minor changes to the website

You may or may not notice a few things different. First of all, the header is gone. I made it not only because it was required for Blogger, but because it helped explain the website when I first made it. I didn't feel it was necessary anymore so I got rid of it which is better with the inclusion of my content slider because now there's more space and it's not as cluttered. I've also updated the music page for Uncertain Sound to include some links I apparently forgot to include and rearrange the Discography section to go above mashups, since I'll be releasing some things soon and I want that to be highlighted instead of copyright music I've mixed together.

There will also likely be some other minor changes to this website so just be warned that from time to time things might get a little buggy. First of all, you'll notice a new tab called "Contact". This is in part because of something I may do with ReGeneration but also I may want an official contact option for my music or anything else I do for whatever reason that may be. Just thinking ahead. Right now it just has a twitter button but it may include an email address or other options, but it's just a placeholder for now. I will likely also test out a new navigation option using drop down menus. It will have to completely replace the Blogger one to do that so you might have trouble navigating the website when I do that. This is also to test out a new feature I want to bring to ReGeneration. The only idea I have for now for drop downs is music navigation, selecting between Uncertain Sound and Dead Night Sky and respective releases. I might also do something similar for videos.

Is there something else you would want to see? Post a comment below!