New "Featured" Slider

So I have a new feature on my website that you'll notice. It's not perfect so I'll likely update it a little here and there so you may see some issues with my site from time to time but other than that it should be fully functional. I decided to add this to my website after looking at the "Latest" section I used to have on the right. That was to show my latest full release and how you can download it. I realized that I do a lot more in between releases that I want to to be the focus of when people visit this website so I got rid of that altogether and put in this new "slider" (although it's not sliding yet) to showcase the most recent things I've done on the net for you to check out. It's a lot more work for me but hopefully it's worth it if you're trying to keep up with what I'm doing between my music, Dead Night Sky, ReGeneration, and whatever else may come up in the future. Leave your comments below to let me know what you think.