"Questions / Shadows of My Past" cut from "Alive at Dawn"

I've decided to take out two songs, "Questions" and "Shadows of My Past" from my upcoming Alive at Dawn EP. There's a few reasons why I chose to cut those two but the main reason is because these ones are giving me trouble vocally and there's some other issues. Both are also not much different from what their final versions will be unlike the other songs which each vary slightly from their Wicked Pickles counterparts. So the challenge of completing those two songs might significantly slow things down and since all other songs are essentially finished, I thought it would be best if I just cut those and release it sooner than I had planned which was the point of this EP. The reason I included those songs in the first place is because I have lyrics for them like those other songs whereas the Foundations EP, which I will focus on after this release, will be all instrumental so you wouldn't be able to hear these songs I work on Time for Dead Night Sky. Since I do have recordings already for the two songs, I may work on whatever I can with them and share it as a bonus preview track on MySpace or something.

Currently, I'm finishing up the last two songs on the EP which are "Storms" and "Green", both together as one song actually since I made them fade naturally and couldn't find an appropriate cut-off point between the two, which will be different when I make them for Time. Right now I'm sharing preview versions with some other musicians I know and getting feedback. So far, what I've heard has made me change them up slightly already so I'm not sure when I'll finish them. I'm also getting ideas for an album cover to use for Alive at Dawn. When everything's finished, you'll find the final release available on my own personal BandCamp account (it will be linked on this website when finished). I was going to have a pay-what-you-want method for that site but since I'm cutting it down to 4 songs from 6, I'm just going to offer it for free. There's a possibility I might offer the songs on a physical disc as a bundle with Foundations on Dead Night Sky's ReverbNation store but that's later down the road so I haven't decided. Two of the songs are also available right now on YouTube (as you can see from the slider on the top of my website) and they will likely be available on MySpace for streaming. Since this isn't a Dead Night Sky release, I don't plan on branching out the music to other websites so you only will be able to get them from BandCamp.