Technical Difficulties

Keep running into problems when recording. I used to use Pro Tools when I was recording for Time, but something happened and Pro Tools wasn't recognizing the M-Audio device I use and the program would close, even though it was working fine. Since I'm using Mixcraft for Foundations: Vol. 1, I decided to use that for now. For the most part it works fine and I was able to record the audio for my latest videos with it when I was using my microphone. The other day I was recording some electric guitar for some songs that I was going to record vocals over today but like a fool I didn't listen back to what I had just recorded. All the recordings turned out terrible. They're skipping and crackly and at times the tempo changes for some reason even though I was using a metronome. So I have to record everything over again. The weird thing is that same day my PC was downloading drivers for my M-Audio device but it already has the drivers and was working before, but I just checked and now Pro Tools seems to be working again. So I'll try recording again using Pro Tools the next time I'm able to record and see how things go. I can do the same thing and record all four songs the same day and record vocals after, I should be able to finish the rest of my EP in a few days time. That's if I have the time to record. My final issue is coming up with an album cover which is funny because I think I usually have the art done before I'm finished an EP. This was kind of an impromptu project so I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.