Thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises, Batman reboot & Justice League movie (NO SPOILERS!)

The way they ended The Dark Knight Rises (spectacular ending, btw) really makes me upset that Warner is deciding to reboot the franchise for Justice League rather than continue off the continuity and success of Christopher Nolan's interpretation, even though he will not be tied to future Batman or Justice League movies (though he's part of Man of Steel so I don't really understand the man) and Christian Bale is done playing the role. Why not have another actor fill the role and continue off on a great series and established characters and story that would easily fit in with a crossover film if they are taking similar steps towards other franchised heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash (they'll probably reboot Green Lantern, too, I'm sure after the reviews the last one got)? Rebooting the series will waste so much time retelling everything that was recently on screen for this highly successful trilogy and a lot of money because a reboot, especially one this soon, will be impossible to live up to the expectations and success of the recent films which everyone regards so highly.

Just my thoughts. Leave a comment below on what you think about the reboot and the Justice League movie (but don't post spoilers for those who haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises!)