Alive at Dawn Instrumental + ReGeneration Live Hangout!

Two things really quickly, because I'm tired and short on time.

First of all, I just uploaded (right now) an instrumental version of Alive at Dawn. Why? Because I'm awesome. No, seriously, when I was making Wicked Pickles I had originally planned to release two versions of it when we released it. Unfortunately, as a group, we were unable to complete the EP so the instrumental release made by me was the only one put up. I also released this version because my singing sucks and I wanted to have this available for people who may want to attempt covers of my music or even for DJs or fellow YouTube mashup creators like myself to use for remixes. The instrumental version is also available for free so check it out below and download it!

Second, on Thursday we did an impromptu live Google+ Hangout on YouTube to test out a new feature we're doing for ReGeneration. We had a lot of fun and we're going to do more of these. We don't have a planned date for the next one but stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages to be notified of when we start doing another one. You can check out the full hangout below!