What's Next?

Today A friend asked if I was going to do any more mashups. That's kind of a funny questions because I really, really do want to make some more. Fairly recently my HDD that contained all my mashup material crashed and I had no backup so I have to slowly build my collection again, though I do have a lot of stuff that I want to work with. Unfortunately I'm taking a break from that stuff, focusing instead on my original music that I would much rather see completed. In fact, I'll probably be recording something this weekend since I seem to have the time. But for the most part I'm taking a little break as I'm really getting in to ReGeneration stuff. So far the plan is to work on Foundations: Vol. 1 on my spare time. It's just 4 tracks I need to complete and all instrumental. Having a little bit of a technical issue at the moment but other than that shouldn't be too demanding. After that, I want to get back together with my Dead Night Sky peeps and try to work on some music that I was originally gonna do but had to scrap later on. Foundations' tracks include my song "Dream", which originally was made when testing out what I can do with Mixcraft for a CD I wanted to make with music that will help me sleep. I think it's the first real full song I ever made and rather than have people wait for that CD ("Insomnia") to be released or just release it as a "single", it would fit better on Foundations to differentiate from the other tracks I'm putting on there to show that I don't want to have one particular sound and that I want to work on whatever I want to do, so it helps define what I'm doing from the beginning. The exception for Alive at Dawn is that those songs have been heard a different way before with Wicked Pickles so it should be self explanatory that there's a broad scope that I want to cover.

So basically in terms of music from me, you'll likely see Foundations, Time (for Dead Night Sky), probably some new mashups, and then Insomnia. Foundations hopefully by the end of this year and if I'm lucky, the same goes for Time but things work differently for Dead Night Sky. If music was my priority right now this situation would be different but unfortunately it's just a hobby and not something I'm paid to do. So just enjoy whatever free content I send your way and stick to this website for any updates.