Halloween Update

Happy Halloween!

Thought I'd update everyone since I haven't in a while. People have been asking me about mashups. I am working on some for fun but not my main priority right now. You will be seeing a Linkin Park-focused mashup set from me in the future ("LPM9", most likely) but no official date or track list or anything, but so far it's likely to include Rihanna, Adele, T.I., and Avicii.

I'm trying to put the finishing touches on SFTC. I think I'm deciding to release material for Foundations as a progressive release, with one song at a time on MySpace like I did for Wicked Pickles. Some things may change for final release, but at least you get to listen earlier than usual to new stuff. My brother is acting as sort of an executive producer, helping me listen to the products and letting me know what I should change. Right now it's the drums I need to touch up. Basically, I need to find the right effect for them to blend with the rest of the song and edit them slightly as well as add fills for the end of it. A promotional preview may get sent out to a select few musicians/friends who have been following me for feedback before the final single release is posted online. There will be no download for it, you'll have to wait until final release.

Also, last week we did another Hangout for ReGeneration. I'm considering this the first beyond the test phase and hopefully more to come. We had a local author and friend join us on this one and in fact her new book, The Echoes, was released last night so you can go check it out. You can watch the entire Hangout below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified of the next one!