Major ReGeneration Update

Well, I spent a few hours last night and got a new site design going for ReGeneration. Check it out. There's a completely new tab navigation including drop down menus that will make this a lot more easier to navigate. It has essentially replaced the chapters list on the right to a more organized and clean system. There's also links to extra content such as removed stories from the site that we put on the wiki, a promotions link under our store tab to highlight sales and contests we run, and we finally have an easier subscription link for our podcast. I noticed a lot of people were asking me how to check out the podcast so I made it a lot easier to find. Also, the seperate links for our social sites like DeviantArt, Facebook, and our wiki have merged into a single "community" tab while adding links to Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. Finally, the entire right side bar has been removed so that we can expand the main body of content to be the width of the page so that we can provide a better reading experience, which was something we've got a few comments about. Be sure to test out the new nav and let me know if you run into any problems. Be sure to tell me which web browser you're using (only been tested on Firefox and Chrome so far) and also if you're using a computer, tablet, or other device. If you're using our mobile site, the navigation will no longer be there, which is the way blogger works for these custom designs so sorry about that, but we're focused on the main site so let me know how it works for you!