Neighbourhood Watch by Mike Haggith

So I just posted earlier about HAGGITH's new release, Dragon Joy Ride. Well Mike Haggith also has a solo project under his own name (as well as others) and he has another release that's been long in the making. I've been waiting for Neighbourhood Watch to be released for a while now. For those that don't know, I actually did a mashup with the first track on this release, "To Whom It May Concern" with B.O.B. and Haley William's "Airplanes" on my YouTube channel which you can watch below. Neighbourhood watch is also available as a digital download for only $4.50 (or $0.99/song) and unfortunately this release only has 30 second previews as opposed to full streaming, but that's because of different requirements between Bandcamp and ReverbNation (I should know, since I use both for Dead Night Sky). And for those wondering, Mike Haggith has given me permission to use any of his music for future mashups and remixes in the future so it is likely that you may hear more. I'll be buying both these releases when I wake up, since [Canadian] Thanksgiving dinner is kind of putting me to sleep. Enjoy the music below!

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Neighbourhood Watch

Mike Haggith vs. B.O.B


Mike Haggith just gave me an update and let me know that the entire Neighbourhood watch album is available for streaming on YouTube. So check it out below!

Neihbourhood Watch (Entire Album)