LPM9 in Early 2013

I've been trying to focus on my own music, but I rarely have free time with complete silence. So I've been doing a few mashups here and there and since Linkin Park has recently released a huge amount of mixable content (Living Things Acapellas and Instrumentals, LPU12 with instrumental demos, various multi-track remix contests and games, etc) I've been doing mostly LP mixes. So I think I have enough for a new set so I'll be releasing LPM9 sometime in early 2013. Some of the tracks I'm still working on and it's possible I may add one or two to the final release but here is more or less the working track list (songs will be revealed later on).
  1. Linkin Park vs. Rihanna (Part 2)
  2. Linkin Park vs. Maroon 5
  3. Linkin Park vs. 30 Seconds to Mars (Part 2)
  4. Linkin Park vs. Avicii
  5. Linkin Park vs. T.I.
  6. Linkin Park vs. Adele (Part 2)
No cover art yet, either. I'll be working on that later on. I might update my discography page to include this information. I'm really liking how these mixes are coming together so I hope you enjoy them. Most likely you might see some forgotten mashups on YouTube as well :)