New Ongoing YouTube Gaming Project

If you've ever checked out my personal YouTube channel you'll notice a few game glitch videos I've uploaded with my cell phone or camera that aren't the best quality. I've been wanting to do game commentary videos for a while. I have a TV tuner/capture combo card on my PC that I wanted to test out and there's currently a petition going on to get one of my favourite game series, TimeSplitters back as an HD remake or a sequel so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make this video. There's a few people making TimeSplitters videos right now to get this petition going.

This is basically a test video. Videos after this will just be straight up gameplay and commentary, this is mostly just an informative video about the game series and the history of it so that people understand what the game is and will hopefully check it out and sign the petition. The reason it's on my personal channel rather than my other channels I like to broadcast is because those channels have specific uses, such as music or for ReGeneration. So I thought it would be best to put on my personal channel. You can subscribe to my channel if you want but I'm not really actively searching out subscriptions for this channel. If you like, I'll be sharing every video I make on this website, Facebook, and Twitter so you'll still be notified of new videos when they're uploaded. So check out the video below and sign the petition!