Latest YouTube Videos: Forgotten Mashup + Segmented TimeSplitters

Just gonna post this as quickly as I can. I have stuff I want to get done.

Last night I worked on a mix for fun and decided to put it up today (yes, that's how fast I mix). This is to get you all pumped for LPM9 which starts next week. It's basically an inverse of the two songs for the first track of LPM9. Take a listen below. It won't be available for download since none of my Forgotten Mashups ever are (I don't like them enough to release them, only share them).

I also realize my last gameplay video was way too long. I was actually considering splitting it up but didn't want to take the time and rather just upload altogether. I did get feedback that it was too long so I segmented the video into 5 parts which I'll post below for you. Next time I'm capturing gameplay I'll make the videos shorter.