LPM9 Details!

LPM9 is finished and I'll be putting up videos soon to my YouTube to kick off the playlist. There's 6 tracks and I'll be putting one track up every week starting January 14th. The last video will be up along with the final release of the set on February 18th. You will be able to download the entire set from this site as always.

The final track list is as follows:
  1. Linkin Park vs. Rihanna (Part 2)
    [Lost in the Echo vs. We Found Love]
  2. Linkin Park vs. Maroon 5
    [Pepper (Meteora Demo) vs. If I Never See Your Face Again]
  3. Linkin Park vs. 30 Seconds to Mars (Part 2)
    [Homecoming (Minutes to Midnight Demo) vs. Closer to the Edge]
  4. Linkin Park vs. Avicii
    [LIES GREED MISERY vs. Levels]
  5. Linkin Park vs. T.I.
    [I'll Be Gone vs. Dead and Gone]
  6. Linkin Park vs. Adele (Part 2)
    [Burn it Down vs. Set Fire to the Rain]
You can actually listen to "Linkin Park vs. T.I." below.

I believe I had alternate cover art for mashups before but this time I will have multiple covers you can choose from. Each one will be featured on a different song on the YouTube playlist. The official one is below with the other ones below it.