LPM9: Linkin Park vs. Rihanna (Part 2)

It's finally here! LPM9 starts off tonight (I'll be scheduling the next videos, not all will be midnight releases) with a bang, or at least I think so. Probably because I think Linkin Park's Lost in the Echo is such a great song and Rihanna has an amazing voice (even toned down a half step I think it was). Anyways, listen to the mashup below!

Linkin Park vs. Rihanna (Part 2) (LPM9 Part 1)

This was one of the first mixes I started working on for this set. I can't remember exactly what the very first mix was but I know this was an early one. Actually, I think the first I was working on never made the cut (not sure if I'll make a "Forgotten Mashup" for it, wasn't the best). I can't remember what inspired this mix but I know I was debating on two different songs to use and instantly loved how this one sounded, of course after I changed the key for the vocals. I hope you all feel the same way about it. Post a comment below or on the video's page. Remember, there will be a video every Monday until February 18th. That's the date I set for LPM9 to be released in full for free on this website. I'll post the mixes on SoundCloud as well for individual download.