New MySpace

So I've been planning for a while to get SFTC done before the new MySpace launched. it kind suck up and went public sooner than I expected and while I'm very close to releasing the new song, I wasn't ready to upload it just yet. However, I did upload all tracks from Wicked Pickles and Alive at Dawn as well as some demos that have been on the Dead Night Sky ReverbNation page for a while, and the current version of Dream. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the new page designs are not available for those who aren't signed up which makes me upset. I remember back when starting on MySpace someone would say they want to listen to my music, I'd direct them to MySpace, they'd tell me they didn't have a MySpace account, and I'd say it didn't matter because musician pages are public so anybody can listen to my music. It's still the same case now, but this new design is what's supposed to make it pop and stand out. It's much cleaner and presentable rather than the old layout, which is what currently displays when you go to my page.

However, if you are signed up for the new MySpace, redirect your URL to to check out my page and my music. I also have a mix made of about 180 or so songs from artists I like. These aren't the popular bands like Linkin Park and Eminem that I use for my mashups. These are mostly indie artists, a majority of which I've discovered through MySpace.