ReGeneration v2 Postponed + Other stuff

On the ReGeneration website, you'll see that Volume 2 has been postponed. Basically, we're just having difficulty getting the time to do some final writing and editing but it is closed to finished and we're going to try and get it done as quickly as we can. There's also wiki stuff I gotta do which is gonna be a pain in the ass. And in case you're wondering, the PDF of Volume 1 is still a work in progress. It's difficult trying to figure out how it's going to work exactly but I have a good idea of how I want the final product. For minimalists, I might create a "lite" version with just the text for print-able use but I'm torn on that decision because it's a lot of pages and I want to discourage wasting paper when you can just read the PDF on a tablet, eBook reader or phone.

So what else is coming up? I'm trying to work on stuff but the environment I'm in is poison to my projects and impossible to get things done. The plan, though, is to have a bunch of stuff coming up soon which I'm hopeful for but I can't make any promises yet. There's a new mashup on Monday, "Linkin Park vs. 30 Seconds to Mars (Part 2)". I also made a new YouTube channel specifically for video games which I'll hopefully have more details on later. Not gonna share it yet, but the channel is public and you can find it easily. Speaking of games, I recorded some more TimeSplitters videos which I'll be sharing on my personal channel again. Not sure how far into the campaign I'll go but it is a nice testing project I'm doing to see how this all works and do it better for the new channel.

As far as original music goes, I'm trying to figure something out right now but SFTC is done and I'm ready to share it, so expect that soon. I've been fooling around with a new USB midi keyboard I have, the Korg NanoKey2. It makes it so much easier creating tracks digitally than just a keyboard and mouse. So hopefully this speeds up production on Foundations: Vol. 1. Also started recording guitar for some other stuff I'm trying out which I'll talk about later. As far as Dead Night Sky goes, I think it's pretty much established that project is on hold, at least for me. Occasionally I'll find something on the net music-wise from Ryan but nothing he's come to me for DNS yet. Pat is sort of in an internet blackout right now and not working on anything as far as I know so there's no music being created for Dead Night Sky at the moment. It will be my main project after Foundations, though.

If we get a bigger following for ReGeneration I may also look more into detail for creating a graphic novel for it with help from others. It is the primary format I see this story in and it will be done someday, even if I have to do a Kickstarter for it...