SFTC Coming Soon + "Foundations" & Dead Night Sky Explained

You may have noticed me promote recently on Facebook and Twitter that I have a new song coming soon. The first track on Foundations: Vol. 1, "SFTC", will likely be premiering in February. LPM9 is timed perfectly right now because while I'm finished with the demo, I'm still not ready to release it and I don't want to interrupt with the flow of LPM9 so it gives me perfect time to stall. I have some musician friends giving me feedback actually and so far the reviews are positive but some of the feedback brought up an interesting point I don't think I've really delved too deep on. So I'll maybe mention a few things you might not have known.

First off, "Foundations: Vol. 1" serves a few purposes. It is the long-awaited "sequel" to "Wicked Pickles!" in that it's relatively the same style and development process as before. This is to keep things familiar to those who have been waiting patiently.

It's also under my artist name for a few reasons as well. Wicked Pickles was chosen for Dead Night Sky because originally it was going to be a collaborative effort with vocals and assistance by the other members, but I wanted to scrap the project because I felt the songs were in need of updating and did not think vocals were necessary for outdated songs. This was on top of the fact that it was extremely difficult at the time to get together with the other members as plans kept falling through. Considering the instrumental side of the music was already completed, I decided that I might as well just release what we have. So the music was all me but was already destined for Dead Night Sky and the name needed music to associate with it, so that was why the EP was made and released.

This time, it's all by me and it's all instrumental, but not all of the songs are destined for Dead Night Sky and the previous stuff I mentioned doesn't really apply in this scenario. This EP is meant to showcase new, unfinished songs that are associated with my name. Even if some of the songs are intended for future Dead Night Sky projects, it would be recognized as my type of work and my style. In that sense it is a "foundation" for the music I intend to work on and a preview of what's to come. The mix of these songs as well as "I'm Afraid of Flying" (an odd song not meant for DNS), and "Dream" (a completely different genre for a different project), is also a "foundation" of what my artist name is about, which will hopefully coincide with Alive at Dawn. It's meant to show there's not one specific genre I want to be limited to and that I will make whatever music I want, so there should not be any expectations for what I should be doing.

All that being said, most of these songs are "demos". While I work hard on them and push them as official releases, I don't consider them (as well as Wicked Pickles) by any stretch of the imagination as "complete". If I had the money, time, and resources, I would definitely want to make these songs perfect but I'm limited with what I have. I'm not perfect, either. I can't do all that on my own, clearly. So that's where Dead Night Sky comes in. It was an idea that we all can work on our music and when we want to take it that next step, we would ask for help in doing that. I'm not there yet, which is why I'm working on Foundations and not Time. So keep that in mind when this EP is released, it is more of a work in progress and an image of what may eventually be in the future, but will hopefully give you a good idea of where it's headed.

Depending on if the other Dead Night Sky members decide to want to do something, the first official release for DNS, from me anyways, will be "Time". The first official full release under Uncertain Sound will be "Insomnia". Both of which are on hold and do not have a scheduled release.