I had an idea earlier this week. I still have the original files I used for most of the photo stuff I use for many of my projects. I recently found out that I'm now able to set custom thumbnails on YouTube. I'll be slowly updating thumbnails for all videos, some of which are already done (most of the mashup playlists). As I was working on these thumbnails I started thinking why I never made wallpapers from these. You may notice a new "Wallpapers" tab at the top of this site. Right now there's not much but I did want to make stuff for LPM9 since it's starting on Monday. There's currently two different wallpapers for LPM9: the regular art from the cover, and an alternate with an inverted background. There are multiple resolutions available for whatever monitor you use (I tried to pick the most popular ones, I can make more on request), as well as ones for the latest iPad and iPhone. The other alternate LPM9 wallpers will be added, most likely as their own separate categories so it's not a mess, and other wallpapers for my mashups, original music, Dead Night Sky, ReGeneration, and more will be added over time. If there's something you want requested you can let me know and I'll be sure to add it.