"Back Again" is Back... Again!


It looks like it has been taken down again. I've uploaded it again but now have altered the instructions for downloading it. Read the post below for instructions!

Well, LPM9 seems to be sticking around so I thought I'd try to use the new method with another set that was taken down, only this time make things a little simpler to test out how well MediaFire detects potential copyright infringement. Follow the steps below to download.

Download Instructions

  1. Click here or the album cover below to download the file ("Back Again (Mashups 3).uncertain")
  2. Once saved, rename the file to "Back Again (Mashups 3).rar".
  3. Use WinRAR or a similar program to extract the files.
  4. Once extracted, follow the instructions on the "readme.txt" file. It should say to rename all files ending in the ".sound" extension to ".mp3"
  5. If the download link is not available or if you're having issues with the steps above, leave a comment on this post or send me a direct message on Twitter.
Download Back Again (Mashups 3)!

Track List

What's included in this set?

  1. Paramore vs. Linkin Park (Demo)
    Crushcrushcrush vs. Faint (Demo)
  2. Flo Rida (Remix) vs. Blur
    Low [Travis Barker Remix] vs. Song 2
  3. Eminem vs. B.O.B.
    Lose Yourself vs. Airplanes
  4. Bon Jovi vs. Green Day
    Wanted Dead or Alive vs. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  5. Lady Gaga vs. Taio Cruz
    Just Dance vs. Break Your Heart
  6. Linkin Park vs. 30 Seconds to Mars
    New Divide vs. The Kill