"Back Again" is gone...

Just found out the link for the 2011 mashup set, "Back Again (Mashups 3)", is currently not available for download publicly for copyright reasons.

My mashups are hosted by MediaFire. This is a file hosting website meant to hold files for personal use but right now has public links available to be shared and downloaded by anyone. Many file hosting sites are moving away from this model for legal reasons. Well, regardless of it's uses, MediaFire still has to adhere to copyright laws and I have no control over that. The first track "Paramore vs. Linkin Park (Demo)", was either detected or MediaFire was notified of the Linkin Park demo of the song "Faint" that was used in the mix. I checked and there's copyright notices on other sets as well, but this is the only one that has been disabled for downloads because of this song.

So my stance on copyright notices are that if I get a complaint I respect it and keep it off the site that's been hosting it. However, there's a few things about this stance that complicates things. First of all, this is a set of multiple mixes that were not the reason of the dispute. The other thing is this is a fairly popular mix and is inspired by another mashup from YouTube friend, UnforgettableSound (Website here), which I should note that my artist name has nothing to do with his alias. I want people to be able to get access to this song but for now, I'll have to consider an appropriate method of doing so.

So for now the set is down, but soon I will have individual downloads for all of the tracks with the exception of the first one. If you want to listen to the mix it is still available on YouTube as well as the whole set as a playlist. I apologize for all of this but because I'm using music I do not own, I have no control over the demands of the copyright owners other than to follow them.

Please do not send me personal emails or tweets to send you songs from this set. Please be patient and wait for them to resurface (they will eventually). If you ever notice any of my other stuff is not available, be sure to let me know so I can investigate and fix the issue!