First Live Let's Play

Today we held our first Live Let's Play. It didn't really go as planned. I'll explain. But first, here's the video below.

Why a Pokemon game? We played this game on a Hangout before on a whim a while ago and it was fun. I then went online and discovered a lot of other fan-made Pokemon games that I wanted to play. With my new channel I thought it was a great way to continue this but bring it live for everyone.

Then plans went a little south. One of our players got stuck at work and another had to leave for personal reasons, but Adam (from ReGeneration) and I stuck around to do this anyways. When we thought we were all set up, we started the Hangout, but ran into a couple technical difficulties soon after. As a result, we didn't really get too far in the hour that we played, but we still enjoyed it and I thought it was a good enough attempt at trying out this live stream thing. That said, there's a couple things I discovered.

First off, Google+ is a lot of fun to use for this, but there's a considerable amount of lag. It doesn't really matter on a low graphics, turn-based game Pokemon but for other games I need to find a different solution. I think I have found one and I've begun setting it up, but I won't be able to get that multi-camera solution for now. Because of the issues we ran into and the players we lost, we are likely to play this game again later on but there are other games we want to play as well.

It was also suggested I give a little more notice for these live events. Actually, I've been posting to Twitter and somewhat on Facebook for about a week for this, but I'll try to improve notices. I won't be announcing them on this website, though, as it's not a set-time every time we do this and I won't be able to make the proper posts for it. Instead, just stick to Twitter and Facebook and subscribe on YouTube for up to date announcement on live streams.