"LPM6", "LPM: Revised" Down!

UPDATE: LPM6 is now available again

Following a post I made about Back Again (Mashups 3) being unavailable through MediaFire, it seems that two other sets are down as well. These being LPM6, one of my favorites, and LPM: Revised, the 22-track epic that included songs from my first two mashups sets from 2006 and 2009 including remakes and alternate mixes. This is very upsetting because I'm having a hard time finding an alternative way of getting this sets out there without running into a similar situation or getting into legal issues. For now these sets will remain down, but you can still listen to them on YouTube. Unfortunately, 2 tracks from LPM: Revised are not available on YouTube because of a copyright notice I received about the 50 Cent song I used from another mix that they are based off of and I did not bother to upload them because of it. Hopefully I will find a way to bring back all missing mashups. I do not know what this means for LPM9, but hopefully you're all able to download it in time when it is out in case it suffers the same fate.