LPM9: Linkin Park vs. T.I.

This week is my personal favourite mix from LPM9.

I had to do a lot of editing to get the instrumental perfect for this. As you know, "Dead and Gone" is a lot longer and the verse for "I'll Be Gone" is a little oddly timed which I'm guessing would make it a bit difficult to use as a mashup, but I thought they just worked so good together so I just dove in and focused on making this great. I'm so happy with how it turned out. Plus, this set is severely lacking hip-hop music so this fits as a great breather until the final mix which will be available next week along with the downloadable version of LPM9. The final mix will be "Linkin Park vs. Adele (Part 2)" and will feature the songs "Burn it Down" and "Set Fire to the Rain". It will be epic!