Most Popular Mashups

With LPM9 now available, with every mashup release from LPM: Revised (I consider this a replacement for LPM and LPM2) to LPM9, altogether the mixes reach just shy of 4 hours, not including "Forgotten Mashups". That a lot of music and new listeners don't have the time to sift through all of that. I've also noticed that a lot of my mashups are severely lacking in YouTube views compared to other mashups I've found that are, in my honest opinion, not that great. I'm not really sure how that's happening but I think I've come up with something to help both those issues.

Introducing a brand new YouTube playlist collecting the most popular mashups of all my sets.

Videos in this playlist are decided by certain criteria from YouTube and SoundCloud:
  1. A video has reached over 1,000 views on YouTube
  2. A mashup has been played over 300 times on SoundCloud
  3. A mashup has reached the 100 downloads limit on SoundCloud
  4. A mashup has more than 10 favourites on SoundCloud
I may equate YouTube likes into that, but so far that's how they're decided. I order them by set release (LPM: Revised always goes first) rather than by popularity as you can simply do that by clicking my uploads and ordering by views. If you want your favourite mashup to be included on this list be sure to share it with friends so it reaches the criteria above! Hopefully this brings up the view count and gets more people into my mashups and my channel.