New Store!

The new store is now open. I'm very new to Zazzle (as in I just signed up and only made a couple of things), so I'm not too comfortable with it yet. From what I understand you can make a design for one product and users can choose what product they want to use that design with if they don't want the one it was made for. It's pretty cool but I have a feeling it might make things complicated for certain designs and certain products. In any case, I'm still working my way around things so there's not much available just yet. Right now you can get very basic Uncertain Sound and Dead Night Sky clothing. Just click on the design you want and if you want a different shirt than the basic T-Shirt, it will give you an option to change it on the right. I will be adding a lot more stuff to the store over time. If you have any questions, or if you want to see something specific on the store, be sure to ask me!