New Tabs + Upcoming Stuff!

I've decided I want to put a little more focus into this site and all the stuff I do here. So I've been thinking of some ideas of where I want this to go and will be working on those ideas as soon as I can and as much as I can. You may notice some new tabs at the top that are indications of what's to come (marked with an asterisk). The tabs aren't working right now because I'm not finished with them, but they are coming soon.


This is something I'm not really ready to introduce yet but it's slowly coming together. You will start to see more of a gaming presence on this site coming soon.


Yes, there's the ReGeneration store but I wanted to expand from that. So I'm making my own store for everything else I'm involved with. That means clothing and accessories with the brand Uncertain Sound, Dead Night Sky, and everything else I do. I'm doing this for a couple reasons, mostly because I think it's awesome to have a bunch of custom products with my name on it, but this was also motivated by a way to make money off what I do. Pretty much everything I do (Music, ReGeneration, YouTube, etc), is all free and available to everyone. It's all fun stuff and I'm getting a nice small following, but it also comes with slight costs sometimes. I do need a way to get that back and hopefully see where it can take me. You may ask why don't just put a "donate" button on my site. I don't like that idea. You're getting nothing out of it. In this scenario, you're getting something tangible that has value on top of your support. This decision was obviously a no-brainer.

I should also mention that because of the store, it means that the Dead Night Sky store from ReverbNation will lose all clothing that was available there. I'm using my official store for DNS clothing from now on. However, I will keep that store open in case there's CDs I want to include there (more info on that down the road).

Finally, I'll have some news about the gaming stuff, information on what I'll be doing on YouTube, and more in the coming weeks. Definitely stick to this site and follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date. As always, if you have any questions or comments you can let me know in the comments or various other methods I usually mention.