New YouTube Video Every Week!

So I said I give an update about YouTube stuff and here it is. I want to make it my goal for the rest of the year to have a YouTube video available every week. I want to be more active on YouTube and I thought this would be a good way to go about that. So I have 5 channels that I run now; my personal channel, Uncertain Sound, Dead Night Sky, ReGeneration, and a new one I'll talk about soon. There will be a new video up on one of these channels every week so it's best to subscribe to all of them (or some, if you don't particularly care about a specific subject) so you know of new videos. Or you can always check this site or follow me on Facebook and Twitter, as I'll be posting the new videos that way as well.

I already have some videos prepared and some I plan to do. I figured if I don't have a new video to show a certain week I can always do a VLOG, by giving updates or answering questions (you'll probably see a lot of VLOGs this year). I was also thinking of putting up planned schedules on this site but I think that kind of ruins it a bit knowing what's coming up. I like to keep things a surprise.

In an unrelated note, tomorrow is Valentines Day and I thought I'd keep the Wicked Pickles!-style release of songs for my next EP by putting up the latest song "SFTC" on MySpace tomorrow. It won't be available for download just yet because I want to get cover art going and I'm also considering what the best distribution method is for this single release. If you don't have MySpace don't worry, you'll still be able to listen to it without an account (a common concern for most people, apparently), and it will also be available later on SoundCloud and YouTube (when I end up doing a music video).