SFTC + Valentine's Day + New Shirt = A Whole Lotta Love

Today I'm keeping with the holiday theme inspired by Wicked Pickles for releases with the new song, SFTC, now available for your listening pleasures on MySpace. It will soon be available for download and other platforms once a finalized album cover is made.

SFTC (Instrumental Demo) [Single Version] (Click the button to play SFTC!)

The second thing I want to mention is since it's Valentine's day and I wanted to start making some more shirts for the store, I decided to start with a new Valentine-themed shirt. Right now there's a promotion going on until Monday where you can save 15% on everything so be sure to use the code "PREZWKNDSALE" on checkout if you plan to buy anything (including this shirt) through Zazzle!

Valentine's Day Shirt

Again, I'm still getting used to Zazzle but from what I selected, this white heart design with my artist name across it should only be available for women's clothing and the default shirt is a "wow pink" (I think that's what it was called) T-Shirt but, again, you will be able to customize what kind of shirt or sweater you want in whatever colour you want. I should want you, though, that the design doesn't seem to be showing in previews for lighter coloured shirts so I'm not sure if they'll show up if you purchase them, but I highly recommend you stay away from doing that and stick to dark coloured shirts where the design is showing. It was made for darker shirts anyways which is why it's a white design. As I'm writing this, the shirt isn't available yet so I can't check some of this but I'm going to publish this post as soon as it's ready.

I don't really expect anyone to buy this shirt but at least there's a little more variety and I'm figuring out more how to use this site. I'll have more stuff available for sure. If you have a suggestion for what you want to see you can always leave a comment or let me know on Twitter.

Also, I want to remind whoever reads this that LPM9 will be available sometime Monday and the last mashup will be on YouTube Monday at 7PM EST. These are likely to be the last mashups in a while (unless I make more "Forgotten Mashups") because I want to focus on my original music and making other videos for YouTube. Not to leave out ReGeneration, which I'm also still working on with others, but I'll have an update for that when I'm able to.


There's also an option with a pink heart so that it shows up on lighter shirts!

Pink Heart Valentine's Shirt