Easter Update

Have a few small things to update on. If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook you probably have seen this stuff already. I've been a lot more active on Twitter lately so be sure to follow me there.

I was sent a message the other day inviting me to a website Coverium.com. I checked the site out and it's dedicated to YouTube covers which is pretty cool because I think that's about half the videos I watch on YouTube. So I decided to sign up. You can check out my profile here. I included my Bangarang and Yeah covers and already got some attention from them. I'll likely put up future covers to the site.

The other thing is I started uploading some wallpapers to Flickr but while they do provide many resolution options per photo (even though I made them for specific resolutions), I don't think they provide full-scale resolutions for large photos like 1920x1080 for HDTVs or 1920x1200 for HD monitors. However, you should still be able to view them and set as wallpapers fine. I'll gradually be uploading more to the site. There won't be a wallpaper tab at the top navigation of this site anymore. Instead, scroll down to the footer and look under the "downloads/resources" category.

Monday (April Fool's day) is actually the anniversary for the Dead Night Sky song Regret, then titled "[April Fools MMM Instrumental Mix]" I believe when it was on MySpace. That was a long time ago. Since then it's been featured on the Wicked Pickles! EP, a new demo version of the song on Dead Night Sky's ReverbNation, and as an acoustic version on my Alive at Dawn EP. I'm trying to set something up for the anniversary for the Dead Night Sky YouTube page so we'll see how it goes.