New "Legal" Page

I'm extremely frustrated with Google right now. Took me forever to get this page posted because of some weird Blogger glitch and now YouTube won't allow an upcoming video for monetization (placing ads on the video) even though I have rights to do so from the content creator for the game shown in the video. So it looks like that video may have to be delayed until I can sort it all out. In case you're wondering, the video is for a Trine 2 commentary.

Back to the subject of this post, the new "Legal" page. I decided it was a good idea to have this information available on my website. It's mostly boring stuff unless you're specifically looking for some information that's on the page. It basically details what I own and what you're allowed to do with it. It's available on the footer of this website if you ever need to get to it. On the page you can find information such as who owns copyright stuff for Dead Night Sky, what you're allowed to do with my own music that I make, images and content on this website, and ways to get in contact with me in regards to the information on the page. This doesn't really change anything I do or the way you can use and access my work, it's just there for clarity. The page will likely be updated from time to time and it is important that there is notice of these changes for your benefit so I will be posting on this site whenever that happens and possibly on Facebook and Twitter as well.

There's going to be a couple other pages coming too that I'm working on but again it's more to make things more professional. By the way, the contact page has been updated a bit. I guess Facebook removed messaging pages and I didn't see the point of an Xbox message link when I'm not advertising all my gaming platform profiles. Plus, I didn't want an option for legal or other questions to be sent to my Xbox Live inbox. If you have any questions about this post a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter.