Site Updates (Need Your Feedback!)

It might not seem like much, but I've been tweaking this site a lot lately to improve it as much as possible. One thing you might notice is that there's now a "top" button on the navigation menu. This will bring you to the top of whatever page you're looking at. The button itself may change eventually but at least it's there and visible for your convenience.

The second thing that's fixed is the website load time. Recently you may have been experiencing a fairly long wait when loading this website, especially on the home page. I have figured out the cause of it and believe that I have improved the load time significantly. I'll try to get some feedback to see how it is for others.

One of the biggest issues I've had since I've put the new fixed navigation and featured slider is that the nav seems to get hidden behind some things some times (most notably the featured content slider). I believe I've fixed that issue for the most part. I'll spare you the boring technical details, but it's very tricky code that's giving me this problem. Just stuff that doesn't want to work together. I've tested the updates on Chrome and Firefox. On both, the nav stays on top when scrolling over the slider, but on Chrome I'm still experiencing the nav going behind some YouTube videos. I believe this may be because of the browser and the embedding option I used for some of the videos, but the issue has been improved drastically as far as I can tell.

Unfortunately, I can only test so much on my end. I would like your help to try and improve this website so that I can make it an easy experience for you. If you notice any issues here be sure to let me know and include as much detail as possible (what browser you use, screen resolution, etc). Particularly, I'm looking for how fast the website load for you and if there's any visual or navigation issues such as the nav and YouTube videos. I also want to make sure the nav is displaying properly on all popular screen resolutions (tested on my phone and it did not load properly, but I'm not concerned over mobile at this time).

Please leave a comment below or let me know on Twitter your experience using this website!