Earlier today I updated my Gaming page. During our last Live Let's Play I realized that Google+ is not the most effective use for live streams. I mean, it works great for the game we were playing, but pretty much anything else will not make a great viewing experience. So I've set up my own page. It will look better eventually, but for now I'll be using this sometimes for live stream games. Unfortunately for now, it will only be my screen for streaming, but I will still have commentary with other people I'm playing with. The great thing about Twitch is I can send videos to YouTube after they air, so you'll still see them show up in your subscriptions. This changes things slightly for live games. You can still leave comments on YouTube, but obviously I won't see them when streaming live. Instead, for Twitch streams you'll be able to use the included chat to talk with me. Of course, you can always still use #TilPlays on Twitter as well. The same notification process goes for this page. I will be sending tweets and posts on my Facebook page for when a live stream happens. There will be no notifications on this website as I don't have a schedule of when they happen.