Wallpapers Currently Unavailable

Just a quick update. I had to remove the wallpapers from this site. Well, technically they're still on here, but I had to get rid of the pages that they were being displayed on. For those that don't know, this website is being hosted by Blogger and they have a limit to the number of pages your can have (apparently). I reached that limit and I have new pages coming up that I'm working on so I needed to make room. The thing that was taking up most of the pages were the wallpapers and the current way I was displaying them wasn't great to begin with. So I removed all those pages and I will have a replacement set up soon. I'm looking at different photo sharing websites to determine what's the best and I think I have an option in mind. I was told Instagram and Tumblr, but Instagram lowers the resolution of uploads and would defeat the purpose, and I have issues with Tumblr. I actually had one for a while and got extremely annoyed with it. Of course you can leave me a suggestion if you like.

If you're wondering what pages I'm uploading, I didn't really hide it well. You can scroll down to the footer of this site and see some new options there that are in white text and have a strike through them. You'll start seeing those pages come up in the coming weeks. Likely I'll only have a 1 time post about them except for the "legal" page. This will provide important information about my music and everything else that is featured on this site. It states what I own, what you are allowed to do with anything I own and what you're not allowed to do, and how I handle content featured that I don't own and how to get a hold of me in case there's any legal, personal, or other issues with that content. It's boring stuff but it's important I have that available and that there's a notification system in place of changes.

In case you read that wrong, don't worry. Nothing's changing. My music is still free and I'm not all that strict about what happens with the stuff I make. You won't have to worry about a team of lawyers showing up at your door or anything like that. This is just to make things clearer. I'll have more information as the pages appear. If you missed your chance at one of my wallpapers, just ask me on Twitter for the one you want and I'll locate the image file and direct you towards it.