Accidental Early Video: Knife Party - Bonfire (Guitar Cover)

So... this is embarrassing. As you may or may not know, to fulfill my 1 YouTube video a week goal, I usually record videos in advanced and have them uploaded long before I plan to use them. Everything is on an ever changing schedule for me. So today I went to Twitter and noticed I sent a tweet that was automated by YouTube for when a video goes public. I did not have a video scheduled for today... or so I thought.

The above video was actually recorded a long time ago, I believe back in February. I was just playing guitar and having fun so I decided to record it. Because I was working on other videos at the time and I felt they had a bigger priority than this, I always had it on the side waiting for a week I may be falling behind. But to my astonishment I was actually able to get a lot of videos done in that time so this one kept getting pushed back. So I decided the perfect week to release it would be next week since I planned Let's Play Left 4 Dead 2 Episode 4 and next week (spoilers) I have a recap video for that series that's about 10 minutes long so I figured a double release would be appropriate.

Unfortunately it seems I either forgot to update the schedule time for that video or I put in the wrong date. Either way I fucked up big time and the video was released without me knowing. But rather than make it private again, I decided to embrace my mistake and give it to you early. Maybe I'll post a VLOG next week to make up for it or something. I also have another video like this scheduled and hopefully I'll be able to keep the right time for it.

I am actually planning on doing a full cover for this and other songs like I did for Bangarang but that's in the future since I'm finding it hard in my current living situation to make any progress on those. It's easier for me to do the occasional acoustic song. But these videos are not bad for now because you get a little taste of what I plan to do with the song, at least with a partial guitar part. If you want to be notified of future potential screw ups like this that you can catch early, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channels (the "Video" tab on this site is a good place to find those) and follow me on Twitter.