April 1st + Regret

If you haven't figured out by now the previous post was an April Fools joke. So I wanted to put up another video today on top of that. Today is not only April Fools' day but also the anniversary of "Regret", the first song I posted online for Dead Night Sky. It's been through some changes since it was first introduced and I wanted to post a video today on the YouTube channel with one of the other Dead Night Sky members. Unfortunately, as is historically the case for Dead Night Sky, those plans kind of fell apart at the last minute and I wasn't able to get a video ready. So today I searched around a few computers, hard drives, and flash drives to locate a demo of the song I uploaded a while back to ReverbNation and put it on YouTube. This demo was back when I was working on the first iteration of the upcoming Time EP for the group but I eventually decided to scrap everything and start fresh with that EP. I decided to still share the demo because it was a better representation of how the song has changed and what to expect from the finished product. I'm actually working on the drum and bass guitar backing tracks for it right now so hopefully I can make some more progress on this EP. I'm also working on Foundations and cover songs. Cover songs are easier to do for me because I already have a reference I can work with so you may see more covers over time. You can listen to the Regret demo below.