iPhone 5 Cases + Other Updates

I now have a selection of iPhone 5 cases available on the store. I'm going to be slowly adding new stuff to the store when I get the chance so expect more to come. Have some designs I want to work on as well so hopefully some more variety if you don't like what's currently offered. If you have a suggestion for something you can let me know and I'll work on it. Don't worry, I'm not biased towards iOS users. Actually, I don't own a single Apple product myself. Not that I hate Apple or anything, they're a great company, I just have preferences. I'm using a Windows Phone, which you may have noticed some of my tweets coming from. So I'll add more phone cases starting with Galaxy S III. I don't plan on adding older iPhone cases unless requested. The current cases you'll be able to choose between glossy and matte but I think that's as far as the customization goes. There's other cases I can do that are more durable or have some other uniqueness to them but these were the most affordable and simple option available so I went with it.

That's not all I added. There's also this portable speaker which I thought was perfect to add a specific design to.

I also have a couple more minor updates to bring up. First off, you'll notice a new box on the side column on this site. It's a new members section where you can sign in and follow this site. If you already do this for other blogs and websites this might benefit you for a way to read updates that can be added to the sites you already follow. Just a little warning, I tried using the Twitter option to sign up as a test and it didn't seem to be working for me. If you have success with it let me know. It could just be a temporary bug on either Google or Twitter's end.

I should also mention that my contact email has changed. You can still use my ReGeneration email for things pertaining to ReGeneration (we'll be taking questions again when we start Vol. 2 soon) but for everything else please use my new email, attilio@uncertainsound.com. The address has been updated everywhere on this site as well.

There's other things I want to talk about in the coming days so stay tuned.