Separate Blog: Defined Silence

On occasion, I'll want to post something off topic on this site, like I sometimes did back in the day, but because I'm constantly updating this with new stuff it kind of seems inappropriate and does not belong here. I also don't want to flood this site with stuff you don't care about in case you're following for a specific reason. So I decided if I ever get that off-topic blogging urge I should post it somewhere else. So I started a new page called Defined Silence (get it?) that I'll use just for me. I won't really be advertising it much so this might be the only time I'll post it here. Maybe I'll put a link somewhere on this site like in the footer or something but that will likely be it. I don't know how often I'll update it of if I'll change up the look but for now that's my new space for all that stuff.

For something actually related to this site, there are two new videos planned for this week. An acoustic cover and game play commentary. Look forward to those.