Slight Website Updates

Just some minor stuff I should mention. First of all, wallpapers are back (on Flickr this time) with some new ones now available. I'll try to add more over time when I get the chance. The link is now available in the Footer of this site.Speaking of the footer, it's also slightly updated. I moved the "follow by email" box down there as it wasn't a huge significance to keep it at the top of the page. I also copied the social links and put them there as well. It makes the site map a little easier to navigate. Of course you can just click the down arrow button on the top right of this site on any page you're on to bring you down to the footer/site map and get to wherever you need to go. You can also still use the top nav bar for all the important stuff. I'll also set up a "press" link soon. Still thinking of how I'm going to do that exactly but I think the best method is to have tags for posts displayed in a feed, though I may just to a page and update it with links. What is the "press" link all about? A couple of times I've been mentioned on some websites and I want a reference of it available for myself and those interested. I'll have to do some back tracking but I know there's one review of Wicked Pickles out there and two times mentioned (hoping for three soon) on the Monthly Mix-Up contests. I guess I could post the dozen times I get tweets back from bots or others who are re-posting some of my stuff on different sites but I don't really see the point in that unless additional publication is made from someone other than me.

Don't like something specific about my site or where things are located? Let me know!