New Mashup: "Acid Rain" (Linkin Park vs. Daft Punk)

I've got a new mashup for you all. I know. What a surprise, right? Listen to it below!

This was a spur of the moment mix brought on by the Linkin Park Association Monthly-Mix-Up competition for May. I wasn't planning on making this mix, it just happened. So why does it have a different title format as opposed to what I usually use to title my mixes? As you know, I typically release my mashups as a "set" (basically EPs). I don't really do singles. I've also stated that I'm taking a break from mashups for the time being. That said, I don't have this planned yet to be included in a set. There's a number of things I can do with this mix but since I'm not sure yet how I'm going to release it officially, I decided to give it a different title. I have one idea that I may do where a change in title format would greatly benefit the track listing.

So far I'm not making it available as a download. This could end up being the first mix to be available first as a single but I have not decided that yet. We'll see what happens. Also, no YouTube video until I know what I'm doing with it. For now you can just listen to it on SoundCloud.

FYI, "Acid Rain" comes from the demo lyrics for "Blackout" and thought they fit with this mix.