New Uncertain Sound Shirts

Before I talk about the new shirts, I just want to say thank you to everyone who's been commenting, liking, and sharing some of my stuff lately. Seems like every time I check my email there's a new comment. I'm talking specifically about my new mashup "Acid Rain", my older Linkin Park vs. Rage Against the Machine mashup, and my Knife Party guitar cover video. I tend to respond to all comments so likely I already thanked each of you but just in case I didn't, thank you again. Remember, if you feel my stuff deserves more views, make sure you share it!

Now, on to shirts. I decided to take the new font and make it available as a clothing design on my store. There's a dark and light version available for light and dark clothing (respectively). Here's the default shirts I have below. Again, you can customize the color and the type of shirt you want.