Now on ReverbNation

I've been holding out on joining ReverbNation for a long time for a number of reasons. First of all, historically, I've released new music and previews exclusively on MySpace for a long time because I wanted a central place to place that stuff and at the time it just made sense to do it on MySpace. Now that I have my own website, I've been branching off unto SoundCould and YouTube. Although I may still put up guitar covers and samples on MySpace, I think it's safe to say that's not going to be the home of my music any more. The second reason was that Dead Night Sky was on there is still getting new interactions on there, and because it was a group collaboration to showcase our music in one hub, I didn't have a need to join the site. Right now, the future of Dead Night Sky is a shady one and I feel like it's a missed opportunity to have this stalled group on there when I could be focusing more on myself since I'm actually being active with this stuff. Those are the biggest reasons and now it seems like they are not longer relevant so I decided to make myself a profile.

There are some things to note with this new page. First of all, you won't find anything new there. It's all stuff you've seen before on this site. There are some songs but that's about it. You'll also notice no downloads. The reason is most of the songs I've uploaded I had to downgrade the quality in order to upload it (they must have changed the size limit). I refuse to distribute my music in lower a lower quality than I intended (see my legal page for more info on that). So for that reason, you won't find my music downloadable through ReverbNation.

I also want to note that, at this time, all my music is available digitally for free. It will stay that way in the foreseeable future but I could eventually expand into physical releases and ReverbNation is pretty great for that. Obviously, it costs money to make those CDs (not for me, for the manufacturer and distributor that ReverbNation uses), plus if someone's getting some money off my product, I want to make sure I get a cut. So if I do make physical releases, it will be the first time you would have to pay for something from me, but at least you're getting more out of the purchase with something you can hold. You can expect I'll make a way to make it worth the purchase when it comes to that.

I've had a lot of experience on ReverbNation with Dead Night Sky and I'm looking to transition that to my new profile and hopefully getting the same results. You can follow me there if you like, but I'll likely be more active through my regular pages as always.