Now Using Disqus!

Some small site updates for you all that I actually find a bit exciting and I'm kind of wondering why I didn't do this earlier. First of all, the "sign in" feature I had for a little bit on the top right corner is gone. I was essentially using an outdated Blogger gadget that kind of worked for following others' blogs on your Blogger account but not much else. I may try to implement a different kind of account association on this site (such as Facebook) but for now if you want to subscribe to the feed for this site just click the RSS button at the top.

Speaking of signing in, now comes the important part of this post. I've now implemented Disqus into the site. That means you can sign in and comment using your own profile on the popular discussion site or use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. So now more people will be able to leave me feedback that I can interact with. I love to hear what you guys think of the stuff I create and I like responding back so I'm happy I finally have this in place. For now, anonymous posts should not be allowed but I may change that. The point is to make this open to as many people as possible but I also want to keep away from spam so we'll see how it goes.

If you're having issues viewing the comments for a post it is likely you're using Internet Explorer and I highly recommend downloading either Firefox or Chrome for a better browsing experience since this site was designed for those browsers, but if you're using a different browser and it's still not working properly be sure to let me know!