ReGeneration Starting Next Week + Til Plays Transformers WFC

First thing to get out of there, a new video of me playing Transformers: War for Cybertron. There may or may not be singing involved... but there is definitely a lot of swearing, you can count on that.

But the big news of today is that ReGeneration is finally going to start it's second volume next week after a long delay. I'm relieved we're finally going to show off what we've been working on. The story isn't even half way finished so volume 2 will hopefully be a fun ride while we're going to continue working on the third and possibly fourth. I've been enjoying making this story and there are other fictional stories for different worlds I want to create but I'm limited at this time. Hopefully in the future I will make something of those stories and maybe get ReGeneration out there in a more visual format but for now you'll be able to read it starting Monday, July 1st. There's more details on the website.