Website Maintenance

Right now I'm currently in the process of transferring hosts for Dead Night Sky's website. For those that don't know, a lot of the images, especially the featured content slider at the top of this site, are hosted on that site. Well I transferred all files and pages over to a new host and changed the DNS records from my registrar so hopefully all works out. The process itself is taking longer than I would have preferred and because of my constant refreshing to see how progress is going, the current host is down due to the bandwidth (at least I assume that's the reason). This is the reason I'm switching hosts and I chose a service from a site that I already use for email. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon so both sites are back up in working order and I can continue to share new content with you all. For now, I'm off to bed so I apologize if things look out of place while I'm sleeping. Hopefully it will be resolve in the morning or before anyone even has time to read this because it's really late. Good night!