Canada Day: ReGeneration Vol. 2 + Kindling Anniversary!

I'm excited for 2 things today. First off, tonight begins the second volume of ReGeneration after much delay. Remember we're doing 6 chapters on the first week! We changed the time they're available, too. You can now expect new chapters at 7PM EST every Monday until the end of the year (December 30th, to be exact).

The second thing is a new version of an old song. Today marks the anniversary of the song "Kindling" that I made for Dead Night Sky. Coincidentally, last week I was testing out some new VSTs I downloaded for Mixcraft. They're mostly amp simulators and stuff like that. I found that while the current guitar pedal I was using is pretty good, I could never find the sweet spot for the sound I was looking for no matter how many times I tried messing with all the settings. Plus, if I played something perfectly but didn't like the sound, I would have to play it over again using different settings. So I thought I might have better luck seeing what I could get from my PC. I found a lot of great VSTs to use and got a good combination of them going based on one I saw from a YouTube video. Tweaked it a bit and I thought it sounded pretty great.

So I knew the anniversary of Kindling was coming up so I decided to test it with that song. I also rushed together a new backing track which is a lot easier for me to put together now that I'm using USB miniature keyboard for creating MIDI tracks. I wasn't sure if I was going to release anything but I loved how it sounded so much better than my previous stuff that I had to touch it up and get it out there. So it's not "finished", but I thought I'd share it and then when I'm finally happy with it as a final product, I may release it as a download in the future. For now you can listen to the new preview version of Kindling on YouTube, SoundCloud, and MySpace. You may also notice I'm now doing my recordings in stereo instead of mono with slight panning at times. Those minor changes seem to make the big differences. Enjoy, and have a happy Canada Day!